• As a Spiritual Person

    A Grand Reike Master , An advanced Tarot Card Reader ,Connected to Brahmakumaris,Curious to learn new things and know whats going around in the world. Strong believer in law of gratitude and law of attraction.
  • As a Business Woman

    Director Consultant at BNI
    Launch Director of BNI Hira , BNI Vijay
    Brand Owner of Celestial Image Consultancy and Celestial Jewel
  • As a Trainer and Motivational Speaker

    A Certified Image Consultant , A Certified Train the Trainer, an Orator . A Right Image helps in every role of life . I wanted to spread this learning to the society so that people can transform their lives I have touched lives of millions ,motivated and ispired to do something in their lives.
  • As a Social Activist

    TRF club member in Rotary Trustee at Hira Matushri Charitable Trust,where I empower women, give them a platform ,share my experience and learnings from my struggles inlife ,so that they dont go through the same. Giving them handto tell them the importance of education, importance of respecting yourself , importance of loving yourself as a woman .
  • As a Daughter-in-law

    Started business of frames of god godesses (especially krishna ,Bal krishna and ras leela) , sold and supplied those frames , also held exhibition . The biggest challenge as a woman was to get into men oriented jewellery industry . Studied gemology and diamond grading from GII. Started as an Instructor , taught alot of kids and also side by side made a base of our diamond business . Learnt to get resources, did a market study in jhaveri bazar and gemology institute of India . Worked from home in diamond assorting , gemstones purchase and designing . Balancing role of mother , daughter-in-law,daughter , wife , I helped my husband in building business by working from home.
  • As a Mother

    I see my kid’s vision and respect them . I do what ever it takes to fulfill their dreams .